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MonoZtec Class for 2013

Postby Paperman » Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:16 am

The 2013 Monoposto Championship will include a Class for cars complying with Formula Ford Zetec regulations, with the exception of tyres which will be “free”. The new Championship Class will be called MonoZtec. This initiative follows discussions with the FF Zetec community and provides a strong Championship platform for this cost effective and versatile type of car. (2013 Monoposto Championship Regulations are subject to MSA approval),

The existing very popular Mono1800 class regulations will continue unchanged. Mono 1800 caters for cars powered by the Formula Ford Zetec engine, the Formula Ford 2000 engine, and the 16v Formula Vauxhall Junior engine. Mono1800 allows engineering development of cars in areas such as transmission and aerodynamics which are not permitted under FF Zetec Regulations.

We already have several "spec" FF Zetecs who race with us, and we believe that creating a specific class for them will both provide excellent value for money racing, and help to further strengthen this category of car

So this provides a focus for our existing FF Zetec competitors, and hopefully we will be welcoming new members who race these very attractive and cost-effective cars

More info from

Simon Davey
Monoposto Racing Club
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