UKCG to Sponsor Monoposto Championship for 2018

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UKCG to Sponsor Monoposto Championship for 2018

Postby Rachel » Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:51 am

Monoposto is delighted to announce that we have a new sponsor on board for the Monoposto Championship for 2018 - UKCG.

The UK Carbon & Graphite Company Limited (UKCG) is a UK based company specialising in the controlled manufacture, machining, testing and global distribution of carbon and graphite products utilised in varying applications and industrial sectors.

To find out more about UKCG, please visit their website:

The championship will be referred to as the "UKCG Monoposto Championship" for 2018 and the new logo will be included on all official championship paperwork as well as the new championship decals which will be handed out at the start of the season to go on every car scoring points in the championship.
Rachel Lovett
Monoposto Championship Coordinator

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