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Formula Vauxhall Lotus - SOLD

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 10:54 am
by playmonkey
Car was fully rebuilt in 2016 and has only seen three test days. She's been kept in dry, dehumidified conditions.

She drives and looks great. Priced sensibly at £10,850 the car comes with either old slicks or wets on original refurbished tecnomagnesio rims. You can have another set of used slicks plus a set of hard compound unused slicks, perfect for testing plus the all-important Reynard build 'bible'.

I also have another two sets of much valued tecnomagnesio rims. One set refurbished and and the other set of ready for refurbishment and available at £800 per set. These will NOT be sold before the car, so don't ask.

In preparation for any future homologation issues I started to collect the fuel injection system and have an original injection plenum at £200.

Would consider exchange for pre '93 FF1600 - a great opportunity for someone to upgrade to slicks and wings.

'Sensible' offers will be considered.


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