Silverstone race time

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Re: Silverstone race time

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From what I saw, and believe me I am dissapointed to the race was red flagged, it looked like it was Kevin Mason parked on the outside of Village. The car was pretty close to the edge and was not movable without a lift.

I did think the car was in a dangerous position and as soon as the safety car came out I thought the best that would happen would be to finish the race under the safety car.

It was a shame, a real shame, but these tings happen in racing, and the grid size, track etc made no difference at all. It is just one of those things.

I know everyone is gutted, but we did have over 25 minutes on Saturday.
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Re: Silverstone race time

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I love the track even though it was my worse result of the year.

Great job by Simon as always to get us into a good meeting GT F4 etc

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Re: Silverstone race time

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Hello Monoposti

I’m currently away on holiday and have only just had the opportunity to post some information about Race 2 at Silverstone GP on 18 August.

The facts about this race that I am aware of are as follows:

The race was the first after the lunch break and was scheduled to start at 13.50. Cars left the assembly area on time, gridded up, and started the green flag lap. While the green flag lap was in progress I got a phone call from the CoC saying that a car at the tail of the grid could be seen to be dropping a very large amount of oil, and that a delayed start was going to be called while the mess was cleared up. The car in question was a Mono Moto which dropped virtually all its oil tank contents onto the track via a loose main oil union.

The field arrived back at the grid to be greeted by Delayed Start boards, and I was able to alert the pit lane teams to what was happening. After about 90 seconds with engines running it was clear that the delay was going to be substantial and I asked for, and got, an engine stop from the CoC. The pit lane teams were then allowed onto the grid to restart the cars once the track was sorted. Clearing the oil up took more than ten minutes. Talking to the CoC by phone from my location on the grid, after a discussion I agreed to a shortened race length of 15 minutes. This was communicated to as many drivers as possible in the time available before the restart.

The race was shortened on the basis of force majeure, because of the delay caused to the overall meeting schedule. The race started in good order at 14.09 after another green flag, 19 minutes behind schedule. A delay of this magnitude at the start of an afternoon's race programme is serious problem for the event organisers.

As the race progressed there was a contact incident between two Mono 2000 cars which left one stationery in a position which was deemed by the CoC to be too dangerous to leave and a Safety Car was called. This is solely the CoC’s decision. It very quickly became apparent that the car was damaged and immovable (it apparently had substantial rear suspension damage and was siting on its floor pan). The CoC realised that it would take longer to call up and use a snatch truck to move the car than the time available to finish the race, and the race was red flagged.

The red flag went out after the end of the 5th lap, and leaders race time to the end of that lap was was 11minutes and 15.191 seconds. This timing is shown on the RACE 11 - RED FLAG STOP - INFORMATION SHEET in the TSL Timing Results pack for the event. This time is fractionally longer than 75% of 15 minutes , which is 11 minutes and 15.0 seconds, so under MSA Regulations the race did NOT have to be restarted. In these circumstances the Classification of finishers is determined by a count back process which discards the final lap prior to the red flag. Hence the leader’s race time shown on RACE 11 CLASSIFICATION is 9 minutes and 03.313 seconds.

A further MSA regulation is that lap times made during the discounted last lap (ie lap 5) DO count for the purposes of Championship Points and Lap Records. This situation is why the additional sheet RACE 11 – RED FLAG STOP – INFORMATION SHEET is provided by the timekeepers. If anyone wants detailed information about this I can provide the source rulings from MSA.

Finally, a general comment about the running of this event. The Race Organising Team was the same MSVR team that runs all our Championship races. At Silverstone the size of the entry meant that CoC duties were shared between Anita Williams and Brian Poulter. The Club has a very good working relationship with the MSVR Race Team, and we are involved and consulted about many aspects of the way meetings are run; before, during, and after the event. In this case the circumstances meant that a lot of complex decisions had to be taken in real time, and in my view they were taken correctly in terms of safety and fairness; and in terms of compliance with MSA regulations.

I am locking this thread at this point but can provide further information about this by email if anyone requires it


Simon Davey
Championship Co-ordinator