more ever so useful things....

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Dermot Healy
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more ever so useful things....

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Quick lift single seater jacks - long one £60, short one £40
PACE type corner weight gauge ......errrrr........£85
Caster/Caster plate thingy - use with Smart level....£25
FF Zetec 1800 engine - all looks good- less dry sump components but with clutch/flywheel & new head gasket ...£350

new 6 bolt modern FF type brake discs ----£80 pair
VD98z bare chassis..newly jigged & powdercoated...£400
VD98z bodywork set...various prices
VD98z wishbones...unused ...about £70 each
Loads of Opel-Lotus top body sections & sidpods
Set of Compomotive one piece 5 spoke 6s & 8s. - 3.75" (95mm) PCD..£240
Set of Madin 8x & 10s with slicks or wets 145mm backspace, 3.75" PCD ...£400
Set of Madin FF Zetec 6s & 7s....3.95" (95mm) pcd £200
Vauxhall XE engine, dry sumped, Mono spec, 0+50mm . FVL sump, light flywheel 7.25 AP clutch. £1300
Weber Alpha ign onl P1030 ecu + loom for above - £100
MBE ign system for XE. original (and now rare FVL Mk1 system) for XE with dizzy £130
Damper cover Dallara F301...£80
Floor/sidepod bottoms Dallara F301/2 - in usable condition - £150
Van Diemen rear uprights 1973- 80ish with bearing etc £450
Reynard F388/89? front & rear uprights complete with bearings/wheel pin & flanges - £700 for 4
Pair Quantum double adjustable F3/FR2000 alloy dampers...£275
New alloy tripo drive shaft joint housing with steel inserts - so pretty anodised blue -£120 pair
New VD99/00/01 rear top crossmember £80
Small Lightweight FF type alternators ...c£50 each

etc etc etc


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