Dallara Delights

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Dermot Healy
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Dallara Delights

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For F305-07

Unused Fuel Cell with Cert until May 2022 + lovely tasteful yellow foam chunks
Nappies (to go under gearbox) x2. 1 used & 1 unused
Rear diffuser - used but good
Assorted aero thingys - new & used
Wooden floor panels front & rear - unused
Radiators x2 -used

For other Dallara models

F399-01 Gearbox complete
F395-6 Gearbox complete
F399-01 Gearbox bearing carrier & end cover
F399-01 Steering rack
F3?? Wheel pin, wheel flange & hub innards x 2
Wheel bearings x2
F302-on 13/36 FTR CWP x 2...both usable & still possessed of all their own teeth but many gearbox rebuilders might encourage you to bin them
F391-94? 13/36 F3A CWP - some wear on pinion but no dental cavities
Assorted bell housings which never seem to be the ones people want
Winglets - various
Assorted gear ratios for 1.125" layshaft in H pattern pre 2002 models
Various Airboxs - Mugen/Toyota/ & Mono Weber

Mugen Honda engine parts

Very large quantity of Mugen F3 (& some Super Prod Touring Car) engine components
...mostly new + some which looks new... but I suspect has been used
Rods/Pistons/Heads/Sumps/Oil & water pumps/Injection manifolds/Trumpets/
Camshafts/Cam covers/Castings/Unidentified bits & pieces.

NO LISTS...now or ever....cos much of it is unidentifiable & needs to be matched against the broken bits that you have. Suspect bulk of it is from 1995-2005 period


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