New to Mono racing

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New to Mono racing

Post by vision89 »

I posted this on PH forum and got advised to write it up here.

I'm looking to start circuit racing after finally doing a few sprints over the years.

I have a 1985 Ralt RT30 F3. My issue at the moment is that I'm looking for what tyres to use for the series, because I have been sprinting I only have Avons super soft compound.
Currently my tyre sizes are
Front - 180/550R13
Rear - 250/570R13

What do most Mono guys use? I'm thinking I could probably use the F3 cup tyres which I believe are
Front - 200/540R13
Rear - 250/575R13

I'm just testing the water within circuit racing at the moment and I dont want to buy brand new tyres just to get me started I'd like some used ones.
Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to look or get tyres suitable?

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Re: New to Mono racing

Post by tristancliffe »

You'll be absolutely fine with F3 Cup tyres, although you'll need to adjust the suspension rideheight as the dimensions are a little different. But they're good tyres, last a decent amount of time, and (new) are cheaper than Avons too. The initial warm up takes a little longer (a lap or two rather than half a lap), but you get used to it...

And F3 Cup teams tend to use them for a weekend and a test day and then sell them at a 'reasonable' price when they still have good mileage for many Monoposto competitors in them.

Good luck, and enjoy Mono.
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Re: New to Mono racing

Post by Russ »

What Tristan said


Chris Dittman = CDR
Robbie Watts = RAW Racing
Dan Fox = Team Fox
Google them for contact info
Going rate is £100 for a good set, with 100 - 160km on them.

Ashley Dibden uses Avons exactly the same size as you currently use, he may have some half decent used. Contact him through the club coordinator, Rachel Lovett

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Re: New to Mono racing

Post by RobManser »

Nick Skidmore's advertising some F3 Cup tyres right now over on the 'For Sale' area. Nick's a good guy, very knowledgeable and reliable etc:


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