2015 Tiedeman Trophy Results

2015 Tiedeman Trophy Mono Championship

  • Races 1 & 2: Castle Combe – 31st August 2015 with CCRC 
  • Races 3 & 4: Mallory Park – 26th September with BRSCC
  • Races 5 & 6: Donington Park - 7th November with BRSCC 

Championship Tables will be included below and will be updated after each race weekend. These results remain provisional until the conclusion of any judicial and/or technical matters.

Scoring - Per class 15-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, with 1 point for each additional finisher.   An additional point is given for the person recording the fastest lap in each class.  The tables below are colour coded - gold- silver-bronze for podium positions, and purple for DNF's.

1Scotland Ewen SERGISON6128813996
2United Kingdom Jeremy TIMMS21DNF11180
3United Kingdom Geoff FERN817910DNF1079
4United Kingdom Shane KELLYDNF10572472
5United Kingdom Tony COTTON19191515161166
6United Kingdom Neil HARRISON  435264
7United Kingdom Simon DAVEY9DNF111410DNF53
8United Kingdom James MACLACHLAN7325  52
9United Kingdom Richard GREENING202216DNF171450
10United Kingdom Terry CLARK5116DNS6DNF48
11United Kingdom Nigel DAVERS105DNF 8344
12United Kingdom James DREW-WILLIAMS131812119DNF42
13United Kingdom Philip DAVISEXC201416181242
14United Kingdom Jason TIMMSDNF8763DNF41
15United Kingdom Kevin COULING1816131311DNF38
16United Kingdom Nick CATANZARODNF15DNF9DNF829
17United Kingdom Jim BLOCKLEY129    26
18United Kingdom Ben CATER42    25
19United Kingdom Mark HARRISON34    25
20United Kingdom Neil TOMLINSON    14624
21United Kingdom Matthew WALTERS  1012  24
22United Kingdom Rodney TOFT1614    24
23United Kingdom Mark SMITH    15720
24United Kingdom Chris LORD    7519
25United Kingdom Jonathan BAGGOTT    191319
26United Kingdom Craig HURRAN157    17
27United Kingdom Louis WATTS1713    17
28United Kingdom Dave GILLETT1DNF    16
29United Kingdom Ian HUGHES    4DNF12
30United Kingdom Mat JORDAN11DNF    12
31United Kingdom John HAREDNF21    10
32United Kingdom Richard GITTINGSDNF6    9
33United Kingdom David PARKINSON21DNF    9
34United Kingdom Peter LAGUE    12DNF5
35United Kingdom Robin DAWE  12  0
36Ireland Cian CAREY  34  0
37United Kingdom Graham READ14DNFDNFDNF  0
38United Kingdom Chris WOODHOUSE  DNFDNF  0
39United Kingdom Mark HAMILTONDNFDNF    0
40United Kingdom Tony GAUNTLETTDNS     0

Tiedeman Trophy 2015 Tiedeman Trophy Championship
Race Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
2015-T1 - Castle Combe 31-08-2015 United Kingdom Dave GILLETT
Italy Dallara 0 00:11:05.038
2015-T2 - Castle Combe 31-08-2015 United Kingdom Jeremy TIMMS
Italy Dallara 0 00:10:02.729
2015-T3 - Mallory Park 26-09-2015 United Kingdom Robin DAWE
United Kingdom Toms 0 00:15:04.180
2015-T4 - Mallory Park 26-09-2015 United Kingdom Jeremy TIMMS
Italy Dallara 0 00:13:17.492
2015-T5 - Donington Park 14-11-2015 United Kingdom Jeremy TIMMS
Italy Dallara 0 00:14:49.061
2015-T6 - Donington Park 14-11-2015 United Kingdom Jeremy TIMMS
Italy Dallara 0 00:06:58.256

Eligible Cars & Drivers

Cars complying with any class in the 2015 Monoposto Championship Regulations, plus an Invitation Class for Single Seater Racing Cars up to 2000cc, at the discretion of the Monoposto Racing Club.


The Founder of the Monoposto Racing Club, Frank Tiedeman, passed away this year. The Tiedeman Trophy Series aims to provide Monoposto competitors with more low-cost racing opportunities in addition to the Club’s very popular championship: the Monoposto Championship.  Frank was also a foremost proponent of low cost single seater racing, which is the objective of the Tiedeman Trophy.

We are very pleased to have the support of Frank’s family in developing this initiative, and we invite both existing Monoposto Members and others to race with us in this co-operative effort to provide more opportunity for excellent Club-level single seater racing at minimum cost.


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