2016 Tiedeman Trophy Results

Rounds 1/2 - 19th June - Rockingham ISSC (MSVR)
Rounds 3/4 - 28th August - Croft (DDMC)
Rounds 5/6 - 25th September - Mallory Park (BRSCC)
Rounds 7/8 - 16th October - Donington Park (BRSCC)

Championship Tables will be included below and will be updated after each race weekend. These results remain provisional until the conclusion of any judicial and/or technical matters.

Scoring - Per class 15-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, with 1 point for each additional finisher. An additional point is given for the person recording the fastest lap in each class.
Plus 1 point for each of the number of entrants in the class as recorded at the qualifying session for this round.

The tables below are colour coded - gold- silver-bronze for podium positions, and purple for DNF's.

1United Kingdom Geoff FERN11935861615150
2United Kingdom Bryn TOOTELL55123454142
3United Kingdom Len TURNER1211469DNF1416111
4United Kingdom Mark SMITH6623DNS87699
5United Kingdom Shane KELLY9DNF  616584
6Scotland Ewen SERGISON    738774
7United Kingdom Neil HARRISON    122172
8United Kingdom James DREW-WILLIAMS22DNFDNS  3366
9United Kingdom Eddie GUEST  6DNF107  60
10United Kingdom Ian HUGHES  DNFDNF12DNF151055
11United Kingdom Nathan CORRIDON44      42
12Denmark Cato POULSEN11      38
13United Kingdom Elliot MITCHELL    510  36
14United Kingdom Alex FORES      9936
15United Kingdom Terry CLARK    25  34
16United Kingdom Nick CATANZARO      121231
17Saudi Arabia Omar GAZZAZ33      30
18United Kingdom Matthew WALTERS      111130
19United Kingdom Simon DAVEY      181730
20United Kingdom Hayden EDMONDS      4228
21United Kingdom Tony COTTON107      28
22United Kingdom Nigel DAVERS    119  28
23United Kingdom Simon HARE1310      28
24United Kingdom George FOWLER      131328
25United Kingdom Taylor MACVEAN8DNF    DNFDNF27
26United Kingdom Patrick WAYNE    1311  26
27United Kingdom Philip DAVIS      171426
28United Kingdom Russ GILES  DNF1    21
29United Kingdom Jason TIMMS      1DNF19
30United Kingdom James GORDON-COLEBROOKE      DNF1816
31United Kingdom Ben McGHEE      19DNF16
32United Kingdom Chris KITE78544DNF1080

Tiedeman Trophy 2016 Tiedeman Trophy Championship
Race Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
2016-T1: Rockingham ISS 19-06-2016 Denmark Cato POULSEN
United Kingdom RF1000 (Ralph Firman) 0 00:14:59.981
2016-T2: Rockingham ISS 19-06-2016 Denmark Cato POULSEN
United Kingdom RF1000 (Ralph Firman) 0 00:15:15.221
2016-T3: Croft 28-08-2016 United Kingdom Bryn TOOTELL
United Kingdom Van Diemen 11 00:16:17.834
2016-T4: Croft 28-08-2016 United Kingdom Russ GILES
Italy Dallara 11 00:15:42.414
2016-T5: Mallory Park 25-09-2016 United Kingdom Neil HARRISON
Italy Dallara 20 00:15:20.533
2016-T6: Mallory Park 25-09-2016 United Kingdom Shane KELLY
United Kingdom Van Diemen 17 00:15:00.799
2016-T7: Donington Park 16-10-2016 United Kingdom Jason TIMMS
Italy Dallara 11 00:15:23.123
2016-T8: Donington Park 16-10-2016 United Kingdom Neil HARRISON
Italy Dallara 0 00:15:08.981

Starters per class at end of Qualifying:

Rockingham: F3 (2), 2000 (5), 1600 (2), 1000 (3)
Croft: F3 (2), 2000 (2), Classic (1), 1600 (2), 1000 (1)
Mallory Park: F3 (1), 2000 (4), Classic (1), 1800 (1), 1600 (4), 1000 (2)
Donington: F3 (3), 2000 (4), Classic (2), 1800 (5), 1600 (3), 1400 (1), 1000 (2)

Eligible Cars & Drivers

Cars complying with any class in the 2016 Monoposto Championship Regulations, plus an Invitation Class for Single Seater Racing Cars up to 2000cc, at the discretion of the Monoposto Racing Club.


The Founder of the Monoposto Racing Club, Frank Tiedeman, passed away this year. The Tiedeman Trophy Series aims to provide Monoposto competitors with more low-cost racing opportunities in addition to the Club’s very popular championship: the JMT Mono Championship. Frank was also a foremost proponent of low cost single seater racing, which is the objective of the Tiedeman Trophy.

We are very pleased to have the support of Frank’s family in developing this initiative, and we invite both existing Monoposto Members and others to race with us in this co-operative effort to provide more opportunity for excellent Club-level single seater racing at minimum cost.

Contact admin@monoposto.co.uk / www.monoposto.co.uk

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