2018 Reprise IT Tiedeman Trophy Championship Tables

Championship Tables will be included below and will be updated after each race weekend. These results remain provisional until the conclusion of any judicial and/or technical matters.

Scoring - Per class 15-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, with 1 point for each additional finisher. An additional point is given for the person recording the fastest lap in each class. Plus an additional 1 point for each finisher of the number of entrants in the class as recorded at the end of the qualifying session.

The tables below are colour coded - gold- silver-bronze for podium positions, and purple for DNF's.

1United Kingdom Will COX16111411109112
2United Kingdom Terry CLARK8211104DNF90
3United Kingdom Philip DAVIS1177DNF6490
5United Kingdom Chris LORD106  5383
6United Kingdom Martin WRIGHT17121312DNS582
7United Kingdom Marcus SHEARD  1288268
8United Kingdom Dave WHEAL12554  68
9United Kingdom Richard GREENING20151616  56
10United Kingdom Terry TRUST21141915  54
11United Kingdom Nigel DAVERSDNF4DNF13DNF849
12United Kingdom Rachel LOVETT18DNF1817DNFDNF42
13United Kingdom Julian HOSKINS  86  40
14Ireland Max HART  62  35
15United Kingdom Peter LAGUE  45  35
16United Kingdom Neil HARRISON    1134
17United Kingdom Kevan McLURG  33  34
18United Kingdom George FOWLER  97  34
19Wales Andrew BARRON149    34
20United Kingdom James DREW-WILLIAMS71DNFDNS  33
21United Kingdom Robert SMITH    7633
22United Kingdom Geoff FERN138    33
23United Kingdom Peter VENN93    32
24United Kingdom Simon DAVEY  1514  32
25United Kingdom Jeff WILLIAMS  109  31
26United Kingdom Rodney TOFT1510    30
27United Kingdom Eddie GUEST1913    30
28United Kingdom Jonathan BAGGOTT    91028
29United Kingdom Thomas HALL  1718  28
30United Kingdom Robin DAWE4DNS    21
31United Kingdom Bryn TOOTELL    3WD20
32United Kingdom Mark HARRISON3DNF    20
33United Kingdom Jason TIMMS1DNF    19
34United Kingdom Alex FORES  2DNF  19
35United Kingdom Dominic SHEPHERD5DNS    17
36United Kingdom Tom RAWLINGS6DNF    17
37United Kingdom Alistair BELL    DNF716
38United Kingdom Adrian HEATHDNF16    14
39United Kingdom Sam DONN  DNS DNFDNS0
40United Kingdom Michael JOWETTDNFDNF    0
41United Kingdom Dean WARREN  DNFDNF  0
42Ireland Gavin BUCKLEY  DNFDNF  0
43United Kingdom Chris DAVISONDNFDNS    0
44United Kingdom John HAREWD DNS   0

Starters per class at end of Qualifying:

Castle Combe: F3 (3), FR (0), 2000 (5), 2000 Classic (1), 1800 (6), 1600 (3), 1400 (2), 1000 (5)
Brands Hatch: F3 (3), FR (0), 2000 (2), 2000 Classic (1), 1800 (6), 1600 (4), 1400 (1), 1000 (7)
Anglesey: F3 (1), FR (0), 2000 (4), 2000 Classic (1), 1800 (4), 1600 (1), 1400 (1), 1000 (2)


Tiedeman Trophy 2018 Reprise IT Tiedeman Trophy Championship
No. Driver Team Engine
3 United Kingdom Jason TIMMS Dallara Suzuki
6 United Kingdom Peter VENN Van Diemen Ford
7 United Kingdom Geoff FERN Van Diemen Ford
8 United Kingdom Martin WRIGHT Dallara Suzuki
9 United Kingdom Peter LAGUE Jedi Suzuki
10 United Kingdom Neil HARRISON Dallara Toyota
10 United Kingdom Mark HARRISON Dallara Toyota
11 United Kingdom Rachel LOVETT Swift Ford
12 United Kingdom Philip DAVIS Van Diemen Ford
13 USA Zachary ANDERTON Jedi Suzuki
14 United Kingdom Robert SMITH Dallara Vauxhall
18 United Kingdom Tom RAWLINGS Speads Suzuki
22 United Kingdom Dean WARREN Speads Suzuki
24 United Kingdom Robin DAWE Toms Toyota
26 United Kingdom Bryn TOOTELL Van Diemen Ford
28 United Kingdom George FOWLER Reynard Ford
31 United Kingdom Chris DAVISON Dallara Vauxhall
32 United Kingdom Terry CLARK Van Diemen Ford
43 Wales Andrew BARRON Formula Vauxhall Lotus Vauxhall
44 United Kingdom Will COX Formula Vauxhall Junior Vauxhall
45 Ireland Gavin BUCKLEY Leastone Suzuki
48 Ireland Max HART Leastone Suzuki
57 United Kingdom Eddie GUEST Lola Ford
61 United Kingdom John HARE Van Diemen Ford
63 United Kingdom Thomas HALL Van Diemen Ford
64 United Kingdom Marcus SHEARD Reynard Toyota
66 United Kingdom Terry TRUST Swift Renault
69 United Kingdom Richard GREENING Swift Ford
70 United Kingdom Michael JOWETT Van Diemen Ford
73 United Kingdom Jonathan BAGGOTT Van Diemen Ford
75 United Kingdom Simon DAVEY Reynard Ford
77 United Kingdom Nigel DAVERS Jedi BMW
83 United Kingdom Dave WHEAL Jedi Suzuki
85 United Kingdom James DREW-WILLIAMS Lola Ford
88 United Kingdom Adrian HEATH Van Diemen Ford
89 United Kingdom Alistair BELL Van Diemen Ford
90 United Kingdom Alex FORES Dallara Toyota
96 United Kingdom Kevan McLURG Dallara Vauxhall
98 United Kingdom Dominic SHEPHERD JKS Suzuki
99 United Kingdom Nigel DAVERS Van Diemen Ford
111 United Kingdom Jeff WILLIAMS Van Diemen Ford
117 United Kingdom Chris LORD Van Diemen Ford
161 United Kingdom Julian HOSKINS Vector Ford
173 United Kingdom Sam DONN Scarab Volkswagen
198 United Kingdom Rodney TOFT Van Diemen Ford

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