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2018 UKCG Monoposto Championship Tables

The UKCG Monoposto Championship Tables will be included below and will be updated after each race weekend.

The 2018 championships are scored over 14 rounds less 3, so a driver completing the whole season will loose their 3 worst results. Figures in brackets is total points haul prior to deductions.

These results remain provisional until the conclusion of any judicial and/or technical matters.

Scoring - 15-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 per class, with 1 point for each additional finisher.
An additional point is given for the person recording the fastest lap in each class.

1/2/3 - Donington Park, 4/5/6 - Snetterton 300

The tables which will appear below are colour coded - gold- silver-bronze for podium positions, and purple for DNF's.

Mono F3

1United Kingdom Ben CATER11112191
2United Kingdom Mike HATTON35354553
3United Kingdom Russ GILES44235DNF48
4United Kingdom Tony BISHOPDNF2DNF61445
5United Kingdom James DREW-WILLIAMS   43329
7United Kingdom Richard FORES23DNF   22
8United Kingdom Steven BOYLES5DNFDNS   8
9United Kingdom Chris DAVISON   DNFDNFDNS0

Mono Formula Renault 2000

1United Kingdom James DENSLEY111 1178
2United Kingdom Richard CRISP222DNFDNSDNQ39

Mono 2000

1United Kingdom Kevin OTWAY22221184
2United Kingdom Bryn TOOTELL11132377
3United Kingdom Terry CLARK33313267
4United Kingdom Richard GREENING56654547
5United Kingdom Mat JORDAN 5545442
6United Kingdom Robert SMITH444   27
7United Kingdom Michael JOWETT   66621
8United Kingdom Will PRINGLEDNFDNFDNS   0

Mono 2000 Classic

1United Kingdom Peter VENN1DNF122172
2Australia Peter WHITMORE23354DNF49
3United Kingdom Matthew BROMAGE5143DNFDNF43
4Scotland Ewen SERGISON   41237
5United Kingdom Ian HUGHESDNSDNQDNQ13336
6United Kingdom Jared WOOD322   34
7United Kingdom Will McATEER4DNSDNQDNFDNF418
9United Kingdom Jeremy GOODMAN   DNSDNSDNS0

Mono 1800

1United Kingdom Chris LORDDNS1111180
2United Kingdom Philip DAVIS13426364
3United Kingdom Steven GRIFFEN24332DNF53
4United Kingdom Amnon NEEDHAM 22 5244
5Scotland Doug McLAY35587644
6United Kingdom David JONESDNF6668534
7United Kingdom Jeff WILLIAMS   44427
8Scotland Jock SERGISON   53DNF18
9United Kingdom Jonathan BAGGOTT   79716
10United Kingdom Adrian HEATHDNFDNSDNQ   0
11United Kingdom Chris LEVY   DNF  0

Mono 1600

1United Kingdom Geoff FERN11111196
2United Kingdom Seamus WILD22DNS   24
3United Kingdom Eddie GUEST   DNF2224

Mono Moto 1000

1Ireland Mark READEDNF1223954
2United Kingdom Dominic SHEPHERD55355550
3United Kingdom Mick KINGHORN44844450
4United Kingdom Dax WARD   11147
5United Kingdom Dean WARREN1243DNFDNS46
6United Kingdom Nigel DAVERS331DNFDNSDNQ36
7United Kingdom Kyle CUTTS66599835
8Ireland Morgan McCOURT77688735
10United Kingdom Dave WHEAL8DNFDNS67625
11United Kingdom Ross BOORMAN   DNF6219
12United Kingdom Roger WRIGHTDNF8910101018
13United Kingdom Peter LAGUE   7DNF316
14United Kingdom Ben McGHEE997   14
15United Kingdom Andrew CARTMELL1110DNS   5
16United Kingdom Len TURNER1011DNS   5
17United Kingdom Myles CASTALDINI DNSDNQ   0

Mono Moto 1400

1United Kingdom Geoff FERN12211188
2United Kingdom Martin WRIGHT33322266
3United Kingdom Jason TIMMS211   44
4United Kingdom Tony GAUNTLETTDNFDNSDNQ   0


DNF - Did not finish
DNS - Did not start
DNQ - Did not qualify
DNC - Did not complete
DQ - Disqualified
EXC - Excluded
NC - Not Classified
WD - Withdrawn
VOID - Race Void

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