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Mono F3

Mono F3, formerly Mono 2000,mono2000 is the flagship class  for the latest 2000cc cars allowed in Monoposto.

Typically Formula 3 cars from 1997 to 2007, typically Dallara or Lola, with either standard production engines or restricted Formula 3 engines.

Most common engines are the Vauxhall Opel C20XE 'Red Top' or Toyota 3S-GE

For the majority of the last ten years the F3/2000 class has been the 'blue riband' class in Monoposto. The class can claim one of the premier positions in the UK club single seater scene. These cars provide slicks and wings racing with the economy and reliability of a production 2000cc, 16v engine, in a state of tune that would be familiar to those driving the majority of road going Caterhams and Westfields that use similar engines.

For full information, please consult the technical regulations.

Caveat:  These details are an outline and the current club regulations must be referred to for full detailed requirements.

Class Identification - Red Circle

2017 Monoposto Championship