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JMT Mono Rounds 5 & 6 Brands Hatch 14-15 May

Posted on April 5, 2016

TV Quality Video from  Brands Hatch.  

Delighted to announce, due to the superb generosity of sponsorship from Richard Purcell, these Monoposto races at Brands Hatch were shown on live TV streaming and are now being made available on the Monoposto website & Facebook page for everyone to re-live their glory moments.  Exact details to follow and expect a LIVE TV STREAMING link to appear now here. Currently this is a one-off... enter now to be a star of possibly the only time RacetvMono is on the the goggle-winterweb-thingemigig - box in 2016!

This 2 day event takes place on the Indy circuit at Brands Hatch on the 14th and 15th of May  as part of the MSVR race day. There will be one x 15 min qualifying and one x 15 min race on each day for each of our 2 grids comprising up to 30 cars, thus capacity at this meeting for 60 Monoposto cars.

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Testing is SOLD OUT book-now-button at the circuit on Friday 13th (!!)   anyone thinking of giving up a single seater slot?... we have an un official list of people wanting... everyone who asked here has now got a slot. Contact MSV direct Alan Tapson - 01474 875340

Details of the meeting will appear here as they become available.  The official, up-to-date information can be found on the MSVR website

Entry Form   ENTRY FORM  Entry Form   ENTRY FORM  Entry Form   ENTRY FORM

Paddock plan Paddock Plan Issue ONE  3 Monos associated with F3Cup teams have talked their way into garages... well they won't get any of our free Tea or Coffee then!

Timetable Timetable 14 15 May - Issue ONE

Final Instructions  Final Instructions Issue ONE

SR's SR's 14-15.05.16 BH Indy Issue ONE


We are in the outer paddock in one long line by the back vegetation with the JMT Artic and the Mono Hub planned to be right in the middle of that line.
Everyone nice and handy for the circuit 240V.

The finals allow for engine starts at 8.15am on Saturday and our first scrutineering is timetabled at 8.30am…. so driving up the hill is just viable. Remember cars come out the front of the scrutineering bay (towards the tunnels) and you Q into the back by going up the hill, turning right half way up and then right again into the Q.   Mono F3 cars need to present their 4 dry tyres for marking up (on the car is fine!).

TYRES.... For Monoposto Mono F3 championship regulation 5 (13) 4 limiting the number of dry weather ‘slick’ tyres will apply.  Tyres will be marked by the championship scrutineer prior to qualifying.

Pirelli due to be in the paddock at this meeting

Briefings are listed as taking place in Hailwoods but that is a very noisy venue,  especially with breakfast going on, so we might change that to being in an awning.. await confirmation.  NOW IN THE JMT AWNING in the middle of our parking run.. same times as timetable.

Trophy Lane in 2015

With the Brands pitlane and 2 physical podiums we will follow the plan from last year.  The 1-2-3 overall and 1-2-3 from each class should stop in the pitlane (or parc ferme if so directed) and will have trophies and a photo op on the podiums with dummy trophies.  Being back on a two day timetable provides the opportunity for an old fashioned Mono get together trophy presentation during Sunday lunch when we will present the real trophies from Saturday plus the MAC Driver of the Day medals for Saturday and from Cadwell. For the Sunday races we will use the dummy trophies on the podiums and then invite our winners to collect their real trophy from The Hub – thus not asking people to delay their departure on Sunday.

Reminder if you are arriving at Brands anytime before Saturday morning… the Paddock gate will NOT be open except on the race days… come in through the main front entrance until about 7.00am on race days.

.. and if you will be coming over the QE2 bridge at Dartford a reminder it is a toll bridge but you pay online…. For more local notes see HERE

For Mono 2000 people be aware that Richard Fores is running as an extra in this class from Mono 1800, taking the opportunity for some extra, non-points scoring, running on Saturday only.

Across the weekend we have a little extra competition running .. this can be explained by the following extract from the draft programme blurb:

“this weekend being driven by student Peter O’Regan having his first ever race as he represents Kingston Uni in our three way Educational Team Trophy battle with UWTSD (Swansea) represented by Kevin Couling in Mono 2000  and John DeWitney  racing for the College of West Anglia in Mono F3.  All 3 cars will be run by student teams and the winner will be judged on the performance of the team overall, not the outright performance of their driver.”

Emma Cliffe, Alister Poulter and James King (MSVR) have agreed to act as our impartial judges for this trophy.

LOCAL KNOWLEDGE - Don't get caught out by the Paddock Entrance signs.. The Back Gate is NOT open except on actual race days, if arriving Friday then come in the MAIN entrance... lots more local info here.

Reminder about regulation changes... some people had helmet and FHR (HANS) issues at Oulton Park... so try our helpful guide to some of those 2016 preparations.

entry list

Entry List


Entry List 9-5-16



Monoposto Lap Records

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Brands Hatch venue info
Brands Hatch Weather

Pictures of this meeting will be posted on facebook_2015_logo_detail

Video from 2015

For on track photography see Ad


Full 2016 Monoposto Calendar  calendar logo

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2United KingdomRuss GILES30
3United KingdomMike HATTON28
4United KingdomRichard FORES22
5United KingdomTony BISHOP13
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1United KingdomBryn TOOTELL45
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Monoposto has been ideal for Northbrook College, it suits our budget and the variety of venues is perfect for the student experience. We look forward to next year. Many thanks.

- Team Northbrook Racing

Everyone has been so welcoming and helped us out when we have been in need. The Championship has been excellently managed and we have thoroughly enjoyed every weekend

- Swansea Metropolitan University Team

2017 Monoposto Championship